In the following documentation, we will discuss how to configure a Kernel Connect installation when using the Paddle payment provider. All of Kernel Connects's configuration options are housed in your application's config/kernel-connect.php configuration file.


By default only the web middleware is applied, but you can configure any middlewares in the middleware array of the config/kernel-connect.php

'middleware' => ['web'],

Log Retention

By default, Kernel connect will keep logs of all your

'log_retention' => 0,

This value sets the maximum log retention entries per Job/Command. Set to 0 to keep all.


By default you will find your installation at /kernel-connect but you can manually change this value in the config/kernel-connect.php by setting the following value:

'path' => env('KERNEL_CONNECT_PATH', 'kernel-connect'),

This can also be set in your .env file in the following way: